Washington Post Magazine features three of our own

Photo by: Kieran Wagner

Photo by: Kieran Wagner

The following is an excerpt from Tom Sietsema's "Richmond dining is surprising, seasonal, sophisticated." Originally published: August 27

When Lee Gregory talks about “a special time” in Richmond, the chef of the youthful Roosevelt restaurant isn’t referring to the Washington Redskins’ recent first-ever training camp in Virginia’s capital or the city’s ongoing celebration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. What Lee is describing is a dining scene engaging enough to merit a drive from Washington, a path this diner made twice over recent weekends.

Locals say corporate establishments in Richmond are giving way to more personal independent restaurants, a trend spurred in part by what Travis Croxton, a local oyster purveyor, calls a greater cultural awareness among diners and “chefs pushing each other, in a friendly way.” Here’s to their shoving match.

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